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Filip Verbraken is a Brussels based designer specializing in bespoke furniture. He systematically aims to subtly translate the client’s identity into a unique and personal piece. He focuses on the creation of a complete sensorial experience, while searching for the fragile balance between concept and function.

The design process is built up as an iterative back-and forth between the designer and the client, craftsmen or other professionals involved, allowing the piece to take shape in a natural yet consistent way. Filip combines classic sketches, physical models and mock-ups with digital modeling and 3D prototyping both as design tools as well as for presentation purposes with his clients and professional partners. All furniture pieces are crafted in Belgium by a selection of local, highly experienced artisans.

Filip Verbraken obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering-Architecture at the KU Leuven and a Master's Degree in Architecture at the ETH Zürich. He worked in architecture offices in Cologne and Vienna and as an interior designer in New York City. He was also on the construction team for Arne Quinze’s wooden sculpture ‘Camille’ in Rouen, France.